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In The Woods - CD


The CD includes 10 tracks and a booklet featuring the lyrics with incredible art by Lizzy Farley.

Canyon Collected - In The Woods

Oliver Adams - Guitar
Leon Elam - Banjo
Jake Heidrich - Mandolin, Harmonica
Tia Martini - ukulele

1. Mountain Towns (Adams)
2. hWhiskey (Heidrich)
3. Appalachian Grown (Adams)
4. Bags (Elam)
5. Maisy Mae’s Amazing Maize Maze (Martini)
6. Bobby Jo Graham (Adams)
7. All For Fun (Elam)
8. Let’s Run (Martini)
9. Goin’ With You > Drunk (Schaffer > Elam)
10. Dream Machine (Adams)

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Lane Gibson at Lane Gibson Studios in Charlotte, Vermont

All Songs Written And Arranged By Canyon Collected Except
Goin’ With You - Written By Bryan Schaffer

Art By Lizzy Farley
Photography By Ethan Confer

releases May 13, 2016

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